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Ski Instructors and Snowboard Instructors in Japan.

Ski Lessons and Snowboard Lessons.

Whether you are a gaijin living in Japan, a foreign vacationer, or a Japanese national, SIJ can provide professional instruction in both skiing and snowboarding.
Any level, in either of the snow disciplines, from first timers, to hardened veterans, to new school free stylers. Everyone can take advantage of the world class snow in Japan for the snow experience of their lives.
Perhaps you are a great rider and just need a guide who can communicate in Japanese and has local knowledge of many of the areas.
SIJ offers the above services plus are able to help organise your holiday. We can give great advise on where to go, where to stay and how to get to and from your destination.
Other extras include, video and DVD production of you holiday experiences, video analysis of your own riding to further help you understand your own abilities and weaknesses.
And finally, SIJ instructors pride themselves on being true hosts, the communication and interaction with the customers is the true love of these professionals. They love to go out and enjoy all the après ski activities available at the different locations, as these experiences all contribute to making a wonderful snow holiday.
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Ski Instructors Japan

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