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Snow Instructors Japan is prepared to offer a money back guarantee on any lesson given in either skiing or snowboarding.

We believe that any one who participates in a private lesson with any of our instructors will improve their ability, in their chosen discipline, to or above their own expectations.

Skiing and snowboarding should not be overly difficult sports, anyone can safely and confidently enjoy a day in the mountains, learning the skills they need to venture off by themselves.

We believe that technique is a tool for fun and freedom on the slopes. The better you get the more fun you have and the more freedom you will enjoy.

Your technique is your own barrier to how much you will enjoy this sport of kings.

If you are not happy with the service and/or the level of development achieved on the completion of your lessons, we will refund the days fee.

This is a unique offer!!!Take advantage of it and book with us now!!!

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